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This Post is about taking paid surveys. I know online surveys sounds like a load of bull but there not. I know it’s hard to believe, but they are legit. You really can make money doing this sort of thing in your free time. You start off small then if you answer questions honestly you will get more and more surveys and the pay outs will get bigger.

Someone once told me about doing surveys and I seriously laughed at them. But at some point I ran into one online and I decided to check it out. I committed myself to trying it for one month so I could earn extra Christmas money and it Worked.

I couldn’t believe it! I earned enough to pay for all my Christmas gifts in two months and I still do them today in my spare time.

I now earn over $300 in each month doing paid surveys and you can to. You can earn even more depending on how much time you have to devote. It’s just too awesome not to share! Below are some of the best Online Survey opportunities. Go ahead and sign up for a few or all of them today and get started and you WILL make money. Woohoo!

online surveys

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is my favorite online survey company. You are paid for every survey and they have a great reputation. You will definitely earn well with them once you are going strong after a month or so. Sign up here right now.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another must have on the list. This is a very reputable site that pays out very well per survey once you get started. It is one of the biggest, Most popular Survey Sites on the web. Sign up here.

Toluna USA

Toluna is another very large popular survey site that is used by millions daily. They have good payouts per survey and there reputation is impeccable. This is one you absolutely need to sign up for to make money with surveys. Sign up here. 

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another really good one. They have a great online reputation and the payouts for each survey go up the more you participate. Their great and they are a must on your list of paid survey sites. Sign up right here.


Swagbucks is a really popular site and you can earn gift cards and things from. I get at least $20 worth of Amazon gift cards from there every single month, and I happen to enjoy this site very much. You can’t go wrong, you gotta check it out and sign up here. 

More Useful Posts

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a site that will send you surveys you can take from all over the web. It’s your one stop shop. They can get you moving with a lot of companies so it’s definitely worth signing up. They’re great. Sign up Here..


I wanted to add Ebates because you can save tons of money with this company but they also have a super awesome Referral program. They will give you a link and if anyone signs up through that link you get $5. It doesn’t even have to be people you know, you can just share on social media and stuff. The more people you refer, the more money they will pay you. This is one of the best programs on the web and Ebates is a great site. No one has to buy anything, they just need to sign up to save money. Pretty cool right? Sign up for a regular account and then go to the referral page. Sign up Here.

Harris Poll

This is another great site to check out and it’s highly recommended though sometimes they close the doors to panelists if they have plenty of survey takers. If that’s the case just check back because they also offer good payouts. Check them here.

Global Test Market

This is another good one. Check them out through this link.


ShopTracker will pay you to shop on They track shopping trends and it’s an easy way to make money online. Sign up here. 

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Voice of Today’s Consumer

Lastly but not least, Voice of Today’s Consumer is another great survey site that allow you to earn money and supplement your monthly income. Check them out Here.

 A Final Word

I wanted to add a few things you need to know. First you always need to be honest because they will ask the same thing many times and if your answers are inconsistent they will boot you off their panels.

Also, in the beginning they will be trying to figure out a lot of details about you and your life for their survey purposes. You will be given a lot of smaller surveys that pay just a bit in this time period. Once they can figure out where you fit on their panel you will be given surveys that pay $5+ often. It doesn’t take too long so be patient and answer your questions honestly and you will be able to make good money online with surveys. It does work.

Lastly, there are some sites that are scammers so I highly recommend you stick to the tried/true and tested ones listed above. You need not give your information to  anyone else.

So that’s it! You really can make a good bit of money doing surveys. You can pay several bills a month or use it for activities or gifts. Just try it and see. Enjoy!!


paid surveys

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ConvertKit~This is by far THE BEST Email Marketing Platform available for Bloggers Today. Their system was specifically created for bloggers by bloggers and it has everything you need to capture emails easily and keep your list engaged. You will Love ConvertKit.

Courses~I have taken a lot of courses and they have all been great. The two I recommend the most are~ Making sense of Affiliate Marketing and ConvertKit Essentials.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing will help you learn everything you need to know about the top way to make money on your blog. If you’re  a blogger you NEED this course.

ConvertKit Essentials is for those who have an account with them and want to understand the platform more so that they can succeed. If you are a blogger, ConvertKit is an email system specifically for blogging and you really won’t find anything else that will meet your needs the way they will. You can try other services but I promise if you blog for very long, you will make your way over to them.

Some of the posts on my blog may contain affiliate links to products we love and adore. We may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. This allows us to keep Blog Bright up and running and educational resources available to you. Thank you. 

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