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Every Blogger Knows that Pinterest is  The Mac Daddy Of Traffic sources. Yeah Google can be awesome but It just doesn’t bring it in the way Pinterest can. From a glance it can seem pretty easy to figure out this social platform but then you start your blog and start adding stuff to Pinterest and You just aren’t getting the repins or follows you hoped for. Or at least this happened to me. Promoting with Pinterest turned out to be a real challenge.

But I saw so many other bloggers prosper there and I knew there must be something I wasn’t getting.

The truth is that you can have an awesome blog and great content but If you’re not optimized for Pinterest or you just don’t quite get it yet, then it may not be happening for you.

I did a lot of research and I am happy to say that I have pretty much figured out the system. There is plenty to know so I am going to share my knowledge with you here today because I want your success as much as I want mine. I also have a content upgrade for you at the end of this posts. I will give you 12 Pinterest Templates for you to use. You can edit them and use them over and over. They are optimized for Pinterest so enjoy.

This is going to be a long post so grab a glass of wine or A Coffee  and get ready to dig in…

Here are a few things I will be going over:

  • The benefits of having a Business account with Pinterest
  • adding your own pins with your personal images
  • adding cover photos to your boards for optimal branding
  • How to create Pinworthy images that will make the whole internet swoon ;0
  • How to schedule pins and why this is important
  • optimize your site for pinterest
  • How to start your own group board and how to get added to others
  • How to add an affiliate link directly to Pinterest

Alright so let’s start with setting up your Business account. If you have already done this then you can skip this part.

Why would you need to convert your account to a business account? Because you get Pins with Benefits 🙂

The benefits of this are you get to Display your Business account. You can Link your Website and they will show further information on you. You do this under settings on your account.

They seriously wants to help us promote our businesses. Pinterest is cool like that. This is why business account holders have access to a library of marketing and business-building content. Personal account owners don’t have access to all of these educational materials, and The biggest bonus is You get analytics on your account. This allows you to see different metrics, such as the average number of people who see your pins daily, as well as the number who click through to your website. Looking at your analytics will help you track your progress and discover what works with your market.

Experts are expecting Pinterest to roll out even more features for Pinterest business accounts. Get in now, so you can take advantage of these features as soon as they become available.

Here is the Link to set up Your Pinterest Business account. Do it today if you have time.  If you already have an account just sign in and Convert. It’s a very simple process.

Now I want to show you how to create pins from scratch. It’s really easy to upload your own photos,  just go to your Profile~

Go to the little Plus sign in the right hand corner and pick upload photo. Pick the photo you want to upload and save it to a secret board. Once it’s saved open it back up and click on the little pencil in the top left corner. Add Your description and URL to your post and save it to one of your public boards. That’s it! Wasn’t that simple?

Now that you know how to do that you will be able create covers for your boards. This is really important because it helps create consistent branding across your Social Media Accounts. It looks very professional and it makes your account stand out because most businesses haven’t caught on to this little trend just yet.

The easiest way to create your covers it with a Canva account.

Go to Canva and create a custom size pic. You can do this by looking in the right hand corner of Canva as shown below:

The very best size for custom Board Covers is 217 by 147. After that you can pick a background, text and elements for your cover. It can look anyway you want as long as it represents your brand.

Then save and Download. After that you would follow the directions from earlier to upload your own photo on Pinterest. Pick the board you want it to be saved to. After you save it,  go to the pencil in the top left hand corner on the pin and add the URL of the board itself,  so that if anyone clicks on it somewhere, it leads back to your account.

Now you need to set it to be the cover. Go to your board and hit the EDIT button on the bottom. You will see an option to change board cover. Your cover should be the first one since you just added it. Set it and click save. That’s it, your all done with your first Board cover. Now Rinse and Repeat for all boards that are specifically for your blog or products.

Let’s talk about Image specifics now. You can’t just throw any ol thing up on Pinterest and expect it to be a hit. Sorry, Not Happening { Unless Your just lucky }.

You can put images on Pinterest but if they don’t meet very specific requirements they will get passed right on over and buried deep, deep in the depths of Pinterest.

But if your Pins are done just right, well you have hit Social Media Gold. The power of a good pin is HUGE, and they can go on and on, being re-pinned for years to come. The size, the image, and description have everything to do with the pin’s success.

What tool can you use to help you along to Pinterest greatness?

CANVA Like I mentioned a moment ago.

oh Canva how I love thee…..and you will too! Really, Canva is a blogger’s best bud.

Canva has an option for a free account and they already have an size just for Pinterest. You can also do a full size info-graphic like you see so often or a custom size.

The key is to make sure ALL Pins you create are long and vertical, NOT Horizontal. Horizontal pin just get left behind and are a big no no.

So to create your amazing Pinterest Image you can pick from the photos they offer or you can upload your own and stretch it out to the size of the Pin. Depending on the size of your photo you may only be able to show a section. You can pick the most attractive part to use like flowers in the corner, for example.

Next thing to do after you have your image is add your text. I like to add a shape, the option for this is over on the left as shown in pic above. I add a shape and then make it somewhat transparent. Pinterest loves this style of pin, just go over and take a look and you will see.

Then it’s time to Add your text. There are many options, styles and sizes to choose from.

And Walla! You have a seriously awesome pinnable image! You can play around with Canva and find what works best for you. You can use colors to represent your brand and the same pic every time or something different but similar. I do highly recommend you develop a specific style and kinda stick to that so that it can represent your brand consistently. Over time pinners will be able to recognize your pins immediately if you stick to a certain style and that’s a really good thing.

Let’s move right along to scheduling pins and why this is important to you.

Why is it important to schedule your pins? Because if you really want to get seen on Pinterest you will need to pin at very specific times and often. You will need to pin your own pins during these times as well as others. I also believe in pinning A LOT. It works for me to pin 50+ pins a day. It gets you a lot of exposure.

Who has time to stay on Pinterest all day? Not you. Not me. So the answer to this is scheduling. There are other benefits as well.

You won’t overload your followers. If you have x amount of time and you pin 30+ pins guess what? You get Unfollows every single day and it will be hard to rise. People like to see a variety of other’s pins, not just 30 of yours. This annoys them.

If you have a particular post you want to really circulate on Pinterest you can do a campaign. They will schedule it to your group boards without posting 10 times in a row. This will also annoy people and Pinterest may see you as spammy and Block you.

The top two schedulers for Pinterest are:

BoardBooster~check it out here.

TailWind~and check them out here.

Now let’s discuss how to optimize your Website for Pinterest. There are just a couple key factors to make your pages pinworthy. You need really good images of course as discussed before and you need a few plugins. You can find a lot of free Stock Photo sites and you can use them at first. You can check out my post over on my blog for a good list of sites to use for this here.

You can use these pics at first but If you want REALLY good pics that will get noticed on Pinterest you will likely need to invest a bit of money here and there. I always buy a photo with my important posts. One of The very best places to find your perfect stock photos is The wonderful and amazing Creative Market. They are the BEST. I also REALLY love     Oh Tilly Stock Photos and I highly recommend her to any blogger. She makes beautiful, really freshly styled photos.

Now let’s discuss the Plug ins. There are many plug ins and they are all good so I will let you look for yourself to pick one. I really don’t recommend any over the other. What I will say is that you may need a couple, One that shows a Pin it button when you hover over your photos and Perhaps one that will show your latest pins in your sidebar. This often helps gain followers if they like what they see and they can follow you or check out your account right there.

You should also have a social icon system in place on your site like GET SOCIAL. They are the best in my humble opinion and that will add a follow and share button as well.

One more quick tip: Go ahead and use the photo with text that you plan to pin to Pinterest as the  Feature Image for your post.  This will make your posts very pinnable and tempting for pinners.

Next in line is GROUP BOARDS! Group boards are the very best for exposure. You don’t actually have to have a huge amount of followers as long as you are a member of one or ten.

You can reach tens of thousands of people with these boards so it’s in your best interest to make your way on to some today. A good way to find Group boards is to go to PinGroupie. It’s a site that lists all the Group Boards on Pinterest. Go to the link of the ones that interests you then follow instructions on signing up.

You can also find other blogger’s Pinterest accounts in your niche to find relevant Group Boards. Just look at their boards to see which ones they have joined and apply to them yourself.

I like to have a couple of my  own group boards as well.  This is my favorite way to gain followers and reach a lot of people.

You see, if you have group boards people have to follow you to join and once your board gets bigger you will have a lot of pinners interested.

You may only have around 1000 followers and that’s OK because everyone who you allow to contribute to your group board will bring their audience to your board as well. So every follower that other contributors have, will also be able to see your board and that includes your own content that you pin, thus creating much greater visibility. That means that on your own group board you have your followers plus everyone else’s followers that pin to that board as well. That’s what makes Pinterest so great for Bloggers and Business!

It’s very simple to create a group board. You simply create the board, add your pins, then go into edit the board. You will see a + sign in edit. That is where you can add anyone who is following you. Be sure to add information in the description that tells others what they need to do to get added. They may need to email you, or pin so many posts from your blog and follow you. You get to choose the course of action they need to take.

Now lastly but not least, let’s talk about adding affiliate links directly to Pinterest. The best way to get people to your affiliate links will always be to send them to your posts, but sprinkling a few direct affiliate links on Pinterest won’t hurt as long as your not spammy. Be careful though, if someone marks you as spam you could get blocked by your biggest traffic producer! THAT would be serious bad news and it does happen so proceed with caution.

All you need to do to add a direct affiliate link is upload your own photo like you were shown before and pin it to your secret board. Then go back in and edit it to add your affiliate link. There’s no trick to it, it’s the same as creating a pin from scratch. After that add it to your public boards and you can loop it or create a campaign in BoardBooster so that it’s seen again and again without being spammy.

Please know that some companies do not want you adding These affiliate links directly to Pinterest and Amazon Affiliates is one of them. Just thought I would let you know because unfortunately some people have made this mistake.

So that pretty much sums up what I have learned about Pinterest so far. I hope you learned a little something you didn’t know before as well. Here is the Pinterest Templates I promised you as well. Just sign up below to get all 12. You will also receive occasional email from us as well with Blogging tips and resources including the occasional freebie 🙂

Do you have anymore tips you would like to share with us? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Let’s all share the knowledge and help one another succeed.

One more thing, Would you like to join one of my Pinterest Group Boards? Follow me on Pinterest and Send me an email to let me know you want to join. Check my Group boards out here and here.

This Post May Contain Affiliate Links to Products I love and Adore. If you purchase something through my links I may Receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This allow us To keep our site up and running providing you with the educational resources you need to succeed. Thank you!

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